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“We watched the New Years Eve countdown and entered 2021, optimistic. Things were great. But 6 days later, we are still feeling the tremors of the Earthquake that was 2020.”

Last year has been quite the year for a lot of us, and everyone I had talked to, couldn’t wait for it to end. Since my 30th last May, I was determined to change my luck around and to end the year with a bang.

  1. I had a really dope remote virtual Birthday Party.

  2. I got engaged to the love of my life.

  3. I Bought a house in a relatively smooth process.

I had a plan to make sure big things happened to offset the terrible taste the first half of the year put in all of our mouths.

I told myself at the beginning of the 2020 year that I was going to pop the “Big Question”, so I reached out for a bit of support From my sister and now future sister in law. My Best Friends and parents were all there to usher in the iconic question dubbed the “Biggest plot twist of 2020”. The holidays were great, and i was beyond blessed to remain gainfully employed by not one, but two companies that transitioned my job to a remote position. Once we were engaged we refined our home search and wanted to ink a deal on a house that we could grow into. We watched the New Years Eve countdown and entered 2021, optimistic. Things were great. But 6 days later, we are still feeling the tremors of the Earthquake that was 2020.

We saw a Non-peaceful “protest” erupt outside and eventually inside the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., shortly after lunchtime that looked like something straight out of a Michael Bay Film. During the Vote for the Electorial College count and transfer of power, a group of Make America Great Again enthusiasts stormed the Capitol while the world watched.

President Trump helped promote, and rile up some of his 70 Million followers to fight for “truth” that they were led to believe is being hidden from Society. The November 2020 presidential election results have been rejected by President Trump, as well as multiple groups of Republican supporters that strategized a plan to storm Federal property to make a point.

This abnormal presidency has constantly raised eyebrows and emotions. President Trump has even been compared to Voldemort (An Antagoist from the popular series Harry Potter), due to his lack of empathy, textbook Narcissism, and hatred that has further fueled the divide in America today.

As a Black man in America, I am not only scared for my safety due to the Bias created by a system that does not give my people the benefit of the doubt, but i am now frustrated at the events that occurred this week. Had this been a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest, we all know that the event would have not only been contained, but met with dire and unnecessary force to remind us not to question authority. This display of White privilege has opened the conversation up that the African American community has been trying to have for quite some time now. Equality is all we ask for, not pity or sympathy. We also recognize that not every White person is a part of this movement. All that we ask is that we start the conversation to take steps to bridging the gap, we cannot do it alone. My heart goes out to everyone that is struggling to handle this situation along with everything else that they may be facing. Hit me up if you need to talk, seriously.

[all of these opinions are my own and do not necessary reflect the opinions of my employer]

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