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“Spring” Cleaning

New opportunities, new perspectives, and new spaces.”
Selling clothes
Ajasont “Spring” Cleaning

Sometimes getting rid of old things gives us an opportunity to make room for new things. New opportunities, new perspectives, and new spaces. I’ve been meaning to clean up the void that is my pullout couch in my office for months now. Quarantine has a weird way of making us feel Eerily comfortable in confined places ( results may vary). The space around my office gradually began to get smaller and smaller with Knick-nacks, letters, and clothes sprinkling over the once open space. With a socially distanced cookout on the horizon hosted at our place, i figured now was a better time than any to rid my quiet place of this loud clutter.

I began taking pictures of clothes and accessories that had no business being in my possession. I had tee shirts from high school, and shorts that haven’t touched my legs since President Obama’s first election. I figured now was the right time to start selling clothes, so I created an account on eBay. I’ve also been getting traction using PoshMark and StockX.

The key is taking some solid pictures, and create an adequate description. Thankfully i had the help of the Amazing Natasha Cole to assist with the lighting, and a few templates for most of the descriptions.

Every little bit of extra money helps, especially in our current economy, where having one, or two jobs is the envy of most modern Americans. It’s an added bonus if you have a set up where you can continue to work without leaving yourself home too. Hopefully all of these extra clothes can then some extra profit for me to invest in a new venture soon. Stay tuned for what this “Spring Cleaning” brings.

much love ✊🏾

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