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“Insert quote about accountability and turning a new leaf here”

Every day is an opportunity to start new. You make plans, set goals, and hope you shuffle your feet in the right direction. All of that is the easy part, the next step is what separates the idealists from the folks that actually get work done though. You need Accountabilty. Some people use accountability as a tool, and others use it as an excuse. I fortunately (or unfortunately) have been on both sides of the scale at different times in my life.

Organization can be a great way to hold yourself accountable. Accountabiltly partners can also be very helpful.

My buddy told me I have to clean out my closet before I Buy anything new or for the brand I plan on building up later this year. I finally got took inventory of the unopened packages that I had, which totaled 6. Two of these packages were even addressed to my previous residence which I haven’t lived in since January of 2021.

I bought about four tee shirts from Supreme, which included a collaboration with the legendary Mariah Carey and Rick Rubin. I also bought a Spiderman Tee for the recently released Marvel film Spider-Man: No Way Home from Market. I also found a pair of tan shorts from a Black-Owned golf company Blackballed that I found on Instagram.

I seemly couldn’t be bothered with actually opening any of these items after purchasing them, and waiting for them to be delivered.

I had given myself an idea that Multitasking, setting goals, and boundaries was the healthiest way to approach this. But maybe a part of me didn’t feel worthy of making the purchase or enjoying the happiness that came with opening the package.

A new approach however includes maintaining a daily routine, that develops weekly routines. These weekly routines develop monthly routines. Monthly goals make you feel better when the ball drops again, instead of asking yourslef “where did the time go?” Or “what did I accomplish?”

I see these clothing packages as a metaphor for my potential that’s been couped up in the back of my closet like a family secret that I’ve been ignoring. I am now gripping my new reality and no longer sweeping it under the rug. I am excited to see what I can do, now that I’ve released myself from the ideas in the back of my mind, and the clothes in my closet. I’m pushing everything to the forefront and tackling obstacles no matter how difficult it may be to face them.

This is what accountability looks like.

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