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Boiling Hot

“Insert insightful quote related to temperature here.”

As I warm up lunch, I feel immense heat from the kitchen. Not only is the burner on High, but my mind is cooking up a new opportunity and I can see so much potential.

A new year, and a new outlook on life has me actually believing that I can achieve the goals I’ve set for the year. Most years, I’ve already abandoned the idealistic “lose weight” and “read more” resolutions and actually accomplished both so far. I’m not perfect, by any means, but I feel the traction under my feet actually result in making moves literally and figuratively.

I‘ve hit my 500th ride on the Peloton, and have already read 5 books before March even started. I’ve been working with a few friends to build out a marketing plan for the budding clothing empire I’m hopeful my idea will become. I’ll Marry the love of my life, and plan on gaining a few Certifications to position myself into Information technology. This will include applicable knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, and basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Tori said we’re not using “Might” anymore, and to be honest that’s what I needed to hear. I’m getting back into my daily routine of smoothies, workouts and organizers. Tunnel vision focus on myself after I get off my 9-5, AND my 6-10. The hustle doesn’t stop just because you’re tired. There is someone out there with similar dreams working while you lounge. It always boils down to, what are you willing to sacrifice to meet your goals?

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