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Cleaning out the fridge, and we found an extra bottle of moscato. from our past weekend festivities. I wanted to get creative, so we decided to make a summer sangria. Fresh fruits and veggies in our fridge is our new thing, so we took some Blueberries, Freshly cut Watermelon, and Cotton Candy Grapes. Below are the simple steps we took to create this liquid gold.

✅muddle fruit

✅add vodka

✅add triple sec

✅add leftover chilled wine

✅ stir to perfection

We let it marinate while our delicious dinner was cooking. After we set the table, we added ice, and poured up a glass...or two. The taste overall was crisp and fresh. The fruits complimented the wine very well, and it kept us cool in this ghastly heat. Now we have more room in our fridge to chill the ingredients for our next Mixology conquest.

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