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Family Catch Up

It’s always great catching up with family. I recently enjoyed a Sunday with my parents in their new home. Erica, my sister even came, as well as my Uncle Ron, and my Aunt Blanche.

Erica and Natasha both stood out front of my Mom’s house, showing off their respective new cars, and Pop and I caught up with Unlce Ron. As we got reacquainted, Erica grabbed O.J. And poured mimosas up for everyone.

The Spread was robust to say the least. We started with Lentil Soup, followed by Bacon and Pepper Eggs, Broccoli and rice with Soy Sauce drizzle, baked Salmon, and crescants with Jam.

After eating, we reminisced about our family tree, including my Grandfather, Grandmother, and other relatives that i didn’t really know much about. I realized that my Grandfather, and my late Uncle Paul were two of three African American’s in their class to graduate high school and go on to attend Lincoln University and Howard Universiry respectively.

Next, my mother had me go down to the basement and retrieve DVD’s with old home movies on them. We saw footage of my 4th and 5th birthdays, as well as our vacations in our legendary lake house in North Carolina. Baby Jason had more than enough to say, and even got on the camera to show the Christmas ‘95 magic show. We laughed and reminisced about the early days and how tiny i used to be with my High Top Fade to match my Father.

As we made our thank yous and embraced we really recognized the importance of reminiscing about our past. However we remember that we have to move forward and continue to create new memories and document those to remember in our future too. I love my family, that continues to keep me grounded, and forces me to face the large but attainable expectations that they have for me and my promising future.

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