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Cabin Fever

This week has been a bit different from normal activity for myself and my Girlfriend, since we recently returned from a St. Patrick's Day trip to the Windy City of Chicago, Illinois.

I typically work from Home anyway for my day job, but My girl still physically goes into the office. This past week she received news that her office was shutting down due to COVID-19 Virus outbreak.

This past Monday-Friday workweek was business as usual in my Office space, but now instead of being alone I am fortunate enough to have my Girlfriend with me to whether this outbreak with. I have been super busy filtering questions about upcoming workshops and meetings affiliated with my full time job. Unfortunately we are playing things by ear until things either get better or get worse.

Typically I work my part time from 6-10p but since they are also closed, I now have back my Nights and Weekends (Temporarily). We have been catching up on some TV Shows, and I am planning on working with some new sounds for a project since I am quarantined. I might also play some video games and maybe even read a book.

One Things for sure though, I am definitely not missing a meal.

Make sure you all stay safe during this quarantine, and practice social distancing.

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