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I have gradually become more and more obsessed with Bleached clothes. Originally i thought someone might have accidntally dropped a few drops on a t shirt and just went with It (And this May be the case), but i figured i would try my own project and it was surprisingly easy. I really enjoy the unique Marble look you get from the process.

About a month ago, i copped a hoodie i found marketed directly on Instagram from a company called Reborn Apparel The hoodie was all black, and perfect to try the Bleach technique on. I hit target real quick for a few items:

1. Bleach

2.Rubber Bands

3. Trash Bags

4. A Squeeze Bottle (oxo)

Once I had everything all set up, i laid the Hoodie flat on the trash bag (to prevent dripping on anything underneath), and pinched the center and twisted the garment until it was in a tight circle. I then put about 4-5 rubber bands around the garment. Next I poured about 2 oz of Bleach into the squeeze Bottle followed by another 6 oz of warm water. I dropped the solution on the garment until it was soaked, and continued doing the same on the backside.

Next I waited for about 2 hours. Finally, I rinsed the garment in warm water to get all of the excess Bleach solution off. I hung it up for about 12 hours until it dried.

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