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I wore Jeans Today

She was so surprised that everyone came to show support of her recent accomplishment.”

Yesterday my Best friend Brittney was Supposed to be recognized for her recent accomplishments. She completed her Masters degree from Johns Hopkins Carey school of Business. Her graduation ceremony was scheduled for May 19th, 2020, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have all been strongly encouraged to respect social distancing rules and regulations Positioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Courtney (Britt’s sister) reached out to a bunch of family and friends to organize a “Drive Through” to celebrate Britt’s success. Though it was about a 24 hour notice, we had to be there. Took my 6pm meeting from the road with the first pair of jeans i had put on since Quarantine started.

We all sat in the cul-de-sac awaiting instruction, and taping up streamers with our cardboard signs ready. “Celebration” blasted as 7:30pm hit, and we wined down the hill to Britt’s front door. Honking ensued, as we awaited her arrival. She was so surprised that everyone came to show support of her recent accomplishment. She was even more surprised that Natasha and I made it all the way from a Virginia, since my Birthday was coming up she assumed I would be busy. I am so glad we were there to celebrate for Britt though, congrats girl we love you.

It’s even more important in situations like these to be there for the people you love. Though we are stuck at home, we are all still moving towards accomplishing goals. Having our support system during these up’s is great, but don’t forget to check in while your friends and family are down also. You never know the weight of a phone call. continue to be safe and fuel the fire of those blazing trails.


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